Artist Statement

The Muted Degenerate

The Muted Degenerate is an autobiographical look at depression, anxiety and introversion. These photographs seek to convey both my struggles with mental health issues and the misconceptions of these traits. While introversion is not a mental health issue those with this personality type share many of the same behaviors as well as occasionally being misdiagnosed as depressives.

People like myself show little emotion in public, talk infrequently and prefer solitude so to this end I created a character whose intentions are not easily interpreted. I shot with the intention of replicating the subdued, emotionless outlook characteristic of these issues. My love of expressionist cinema and film noir led me to produce these with a distressed, vintage look.   

With this series I hope to bring about an understanding of and empathy for those who exist on the periphery of "normal" behavior.

© 2019 by Curtis B Ermineskin. All rights reserved.

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Curtis B Ermineskin